We are your PREMIER ONE-STOP-SHOP for fresh, current and UP-TO-DATE Modern Home Staging, Project Management & Design!

We will ensure your project is done properly, efficiently AND with care.

We won’t suggest an improvement unless it is absolutely

necessary and good return on investment

We specialize in:

Home Staging, Interior/Exterior Home Painting,

Power-Washing, Deck Staining, Carpet, Flooring, Interior/Exterior
Window Washing, Carpet Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning, lighting

and light landscape work
All work performed by our team

I manage, no delays, finished on time and voila!…it’s really that simple




2019 Properties

1546 Notre Dame Ave, Belmont - Painting and Stage

2250 Crestmoore Drive, Daly city - Staging

860 Cabot Court - Paint, Stage, Kitchen Countertops, Yard Clean Up

1757 Terrace Drive, Belmont - Paint, Stage, Lighting

1904 Whipple Ave, Redwood City - Stage

131 Madison Ave, San Mateo - Stage

465 Fathom Drive, San Mateo - Complete Makeover - Kitchen, Countertops, Bath Countertops, New Plumbing, Lights, Painting and Stage 

1023 McCue Ave, San Carlos, Complete Makeover - New Stone, New Fireplace Title, New Molding Throughout, Light, Paint Interior and Exterior, Stage 

1228 Crestwood Drive, San Bruno - Stage

3327 La Mesa Drove, San Carlos - Stage

1541 Harbor Blvd, Belmont - Stage and Lighting

1703 Fairway Drive, Belmont - Stage

1052 Sunset Drive, San Carlos - Stage

3376 Jefferson Ave, Redwood City - Kitchen, Cabinet Painting, Granite, Lighting and Stage

3120 Edison Street, San Mateo - Stage

3342 Los Prados Street, San Mateo - Stage

599 N. Eden, Sunnyvale - Stage

456. Dolores Way, San Bruno, Stage and Lighting

225 Baltimore Way, San Bruno - Stage

35 Hilltop Drive, San Carlos - Stage and Lighting

12 Cap Hatteras, Redwood Shores - Stage

2085 St. Francis Way, San Carlos - Interior Painting, Lighting and Staging

1702 Robin Whipple Way, Belmont - Interior Painting, Lights and Stage

2301 White Cliff Way, San Bruno - Stage

1617 Fillmore Ave, San Mateo - Stag

1020 Willmington Way

461 Maple Ave, San Bruno - Stage

1020 Wilmington Way, Redwood City

141 - 15TH Ave, San Mateo - Stage

127 E. Hillsdale Blvd, San Mateo - Interior Painting and Stage

1648 Oakwood Drive, San Mateo - Interior Painting, Lighting and Stage

2025 Vista Del Mar, San Mateo - Stage

708 Newport Circle, Redwood Shores - Stage

246 Biarritz Court, Redwood Shores - Complete Makeover - Granite, Interior Painting, Lighting, Stone, Appliances, Flooring, Carpet and Stage

2651 Corte De Flores - Stage

748 Pice Ave, San Mateo - Stage

503 Upland Rd, Belmont - Lighting and Stage

301 Evergreen Drive, San Bruno - Stage

5 Captain Lane, Redwood Shores - Complete Makeover - Granite, Interior Painting, Lighting, Appliances, Flooring, Carpet and Stage 

1131 Complass Lane, Foster city - Interior Painting, Lighting, Flooring, Carpet and Stage 

222 Rockridge, San Carlos - Interior Painting, Lighting and Stage

1568 Winding Way, Belmont - Stage 

164 Starlite Drive, San Mateo - Stage 

16 Azalea Lane, San Carlos - Stage

880 Meridian Bay Lane - Stage

2005 Shoreview Ave, San Mateo - Complete Makeover - Stone, Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Lighting, Kitchen Stone, Flooring, New Bath, Appliances and Stage

34 Manzanita, Redwood City - Stage

526 Shorebird - Stage

2299 Vista Del Mar - Interior Painting, Lighting, Stage

2275 Vista Del Mar - Stage

3855 Magnolia Dr, Palo Alto - Stage

1431 Capuccino, Burlingame - Stage

701 Minnesota, San Francisco - Stage

18 Bayview Drive - Stage

1516 Sunnyslope Drive, Belmont - Interior Painting, Lighting, Stage

1940 Alden St - Stage 

2017 Willits, Daly City - Stage

3 Springdale, Redwood City - Stage

1275 Parrott Drive, San Mateo - Stage

409 Poisettia Ave, San Mateo - Stage

205 Bayswater Ave, San Mateo - In Progress

1500 Solona Drive - In Progress

San Carlos Award Program

It is our pleasure to inform you that Marissa Designs Home Staging has been selected for the 2019 Best of San Carlos Awards in the category of Model Design Company.



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