Meet the Owner

I started my staging career about 18 years ago, after many years in the airline and legal industry. I don't claim to have any formal training or accreditations in design, I just have what some people call "natural gift." I LOVE complicated
spaces that others can't see, how a transformation makes you feel when it’s done, but even more, seeing what a little bit of effort brings to your pocket book.

This career choice is a true personal passion of mine. Making the right choices for a high return on investment is what energizes and matters to me. I recommend ONLY what you need and nothing more.

My reputation stands strong and true after 23 years and growing, let me do that for YOU and take the stress and load off.


San Carlos Award Program


It is our pleasure to inform you that Marissa Designs Home Staging has been selected for the 2019 Best of San Carlos Awards in the category of Home Staging Design Company.



Established in 2003. Started as a hobby, and evolved into everything related to prepping your house for the market to sell. In 2007, incorporated interior and exterior painting, light landscape work, flooring and more, to help minimize delays getting your home ready for the market. 2011 incorporated bath and kitchen upgrades to help increase profit to sellers.



Your ONE STOP Shop! Fresh, current and UP TO DATE Modern Home Staging & Design, specifically for the real estate community.

We offer detailed Home Staging, Interior and Exterior Painting, Power-washing, Flooring, Interior and Exterior Cleaning, Window Washing.

You will get the MOST current style and look, that the BUYERS want!~

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